Mica Smith is a Texas based painter and educator. Mica earned a MFA at the University of Cincinnati in 2012 and is currently a lecturer at Sam Houston State University.


I am moved by the question of what makes one's inhabited space safe. Through my lived-in experiences as a queer person who grew up in and currently lives within the south, I often ponder whether the existence of a safe space is real or illusory. Painting, as both an act and commitment, provides a haptic connection to recalling fragmentations of both my immediate and remembered surroundings. With this, I call to formalistic cues that imbue soft, haven-like configurations while also using such elements as a means to arrive at suggestions of spaces that are cacophonous.

My work is queer - through its existence, its history, by the hand that makes it, and its sentiment.  Abstraction is the thread and painting, the needle. Each provides a means to touch on the indescribable while never giving away all of the answers pell mell.


For more information about my work and studio practice, please visit: micasmith.com